Countdown to Summer

May 30, 2023
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Some tips and tricks on how to have a safe and healthy summer.

With the weather warming up, school activities winding down and summer on the horizon, we are all excited to enjoy some more relaxing time these next few months. Every season brings with it fun activities but also some reminders of ways to make sure that you and your family are staying safe. 

  • Sunscreen is a MUST! We often get the question about which sunscreen is best. The truth is that the best sunscreen is the one that you apply regularly. There are 2 main types of sunscreens. I like to call them the "physical barriers" vs "chemical barriers." There are pros and cons to each, but typically for young children the "physical barriers" such as those with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide are the best choices. And for those areas that are tough to get sunscreen on, such as your head, you can find hats with SPF in them!
  • Water safety 24/7! Whether you are at a public pool staffed by a lifeguard or at the lake, there should always be a responsible adult watching children and ready to act in an emergency. Lifejackets should be worn even by the most-experienced of swimmers when in open water. 
  • The 411 on grilling! BBQs get fired up this time of year. They add lots of flavor to your food but also some danger. Be sure that a grill/BBQ/fire pit is never left unsupervised even when not actively being used. Young children playing outside could easily stumble and get burned on an active fire or hot coals/pans. 
  • Bugs, bugs everywhere! Some of the peskiest little critters come out when the weather warms up. If you have been outside especially in a wooded area, be sure to do a tick check when you get inside. The hair tends to be a favorite place for them to hide. 

Now, let's start our countdown to the Spokane summer. We wish everyone a wonderful summer, and let us know if you have any questions.