About Dr. Streufert, Psychologist

Clinical Psychology in Spokane, WA

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Sara Streufert, PhD

Sara Streufert, PhD, is a licensed psychologist specializing in diagnosing and treating varied and complex mental health concerns experienced by children and adolescents. Dr. Sara provides expert mental and behavioral health care to patients at Centennial Pediatrics of Spokane in Spokane, Washington.

She was born and raised in Spokane, Washington. Growing up, she was a competitive soccer player and continued her career at Gonzaga University. After graduation, she continued her professional soccer career in Germany with the VFL Wolfsburg in the Frauen Bundesliga. 

After playing in the German professional league, she returned to Spokane. She completed a master’s degree in community counseling at Gonzaga University and her PhD in Counseling Psychology at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Dr. Sara has extensive training in various locations, including the university counseling centers at Western Michigan University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison and inpatient psychiatric settings with Providence Medical Center. 

She completed her doctoral internship at the APA-Accredited Ethan Allen/Lincoln Hills School in Irma, Wisconsin, within the Wisconsin Department of Juvenile Corrections. 

After completing her doctoral internship in Wisconsin, Dr. Sara was eager to return to Spokane and have the opportunity to continue her postdoctoral work and clinical career as a licensed psychologist at Sacred Heart Medical Center.

For over 11 years, Dr. Sara has provided psychological/neuropsychological evaluations, diagnostic clarification, counseling, and treatment services for children and adolescents in outpatient behavioral health and acute inpatient psychiatric hospitalization.

She has extensive training and expertise in assessing and treating varied and complex mental health disorders.

When she is not working, Dr. Sara enjoys spending time with her daughter, traveling, and exploring new places. She is also a DIY hobbyist and enjoys remodeling and building new things. She has deep roots in Spokane and feels fortunate to live near her friends and family.